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Business Intelligence Specialist

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics – Power BI and SQL specialist | ETL | Azure Data | Power Platform | Data Integration

About Me

Blending 15 years of IT and Data expertise with certified acumen in Business Intelligence.

From Integration to Insight: Pioneering the Future of Business Intelligence

IT expert with a 15-year track record in database technologies. My background in Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics is reinforced by Microsoft certifications in Power BI, Azure, and Transact-SQL. My expertise covers everything from data integration, refining data quality to creating compelling visualizations. Graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA in Software Engineering, I’ve consistently excelled in challenging environments, successfully overseeing a range of projects.

Areas of Expertise

Charting the course to insights with specialized skills.

Problem Solving through BI Analysis

Leveraging Business Intelligence, I transform raw data into tangible solutions. With a knack for identifying patterns and connecting the dots, I provide clarity in decision-making, ensuring businesses navigate their challenges strategically.

Seamless Data Integration

In the realm of data, integration is key. I ensure that multiple data sources merge smoothly, establishing a solid base for further analysis. By connecting diverse datasets, I create a unified and powerful platform ready for insights.

Impactful Data Visualization

Visuals transcend mere numbers, offering clarity and direction. My expertise in crafting data visualizations ensures that complex insights are presented in an engaging, comprehensible manner, enabling stakeholders to grasp the story behind the stats.

Work Experience

Hands-on expertise across diverse roles and projects

Senior Business Intelligence Developer
Jun 2021 - Present

– Monitoring & Data Integration.
– Development of ETL process using SSIS tool / Development of SSRS Reports.
– Development and maintenance of Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipelines.
Key Technologies: ADF, SSIS, T-SQL, SSRS

Azure Data Factory | SSIS | T-SQL
Senior Data Analyst
Apr 2021 - Jun 2021

– Defined and modelled the database following BI principles.
– Developed ETL process using SSIS tool. Developed T-SQL processes for data transformation.
– Developed Robot Process Automation using Power Automate Desktop tool.
– Key Technologies / Methodologies: Power Automate, Azure DevOps, T-SQL, SSIS, Agile.

Power Automate | T-SQL
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst | Partner
Aug 2014 - Apr 2020

– Led Business Intelligence (BI) team of 4 BI analysts, including bridging work between stakeholders and technical team.
– Defined and modelled the main architecture of the Data Warehouse (DW)
– Provided data and reports support to the areas of Finances, Sales, Marketing and Operations for decision-making
– Developed and maintained over 100 complex T-SQL process, increasing the speed and quality of the transformations.
– Key Technologies / Methodologies: Power BI, ETL, Data visualization, Data analysis, ETL, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), T-SQL, SSIS, Jenkins, Scrum, DW, Python, R

Power BI | T-SQL | ETL | Data Visualization
Senior Data Analyst

– Developed and maintained over 200 complex SQL queries and PL/SQL structures.
– Defined business and functional requirements, data modeling, development, and implementation of
– Provided the extraction of strategic and managerial reports and support for decision-making.
– Key Technologies / Methodologies: Data integration, Oracle, PL/SQL, Data visualization, Excel, C#, SVN, Kanban, BPMN, EDI, DW

Data Integration | PL/SQL | EDI | Reports


Validating expertise with industry-recognized credentials.

Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

Professionals with this certification possess a comprehensive skill set in Power BI, from data sourcing to visualization. Their expertise ensures accurate data representation, facilitating effective business decisions.

Skills measured:

  • Prepare the data
  • Model the data
  • Visualize and analyze the data
  • Deploy and maintain assets
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals

Certified professionals in Azure Data Fundamentals are equipped to leverage Azure’s data services, providing solutions tailored to organizational needs. Their foundational knowledge ensures optimal cloud data management and utilization.

Skills measured:

  • Describe core data concepts
  • Identify considerations for relational data on Azure
  • Describe considerations for working with non-relational data on Azure
  • Describe an analytics workload on Azure
Microsoft Exam: 70-761 Querying Data with T-SQL

Holding the 70-761 certification, an individual showcases mastery in Transact-SQL, excelling in data manipulation and querying. Their proficiency encompasses creating robust database structures and adapting data, ensuring streamlined and effective data operations.

Skills measured:

  • Manage data with Transact-SQL
  • Query data with advanced Transact-SQL components
  • Program databases by using Transact-SQL

My Portfolio

A display of hands-on expertise and project outcomes


Endorsements that illuminate the path of professional excellence.

Mr. Brandao is a highly qualified professional. He has huge technical knowledge! I had the pleasure to work with him for 2 years and I learned a lot from him. The way he builds rapport and trust with the team makes a big difference, contributing to a great environment of collaboration, learning and friendship.

Kleber Freitas

I have had the pleasure of  working at the same company  with him.
Alexandre is self-motivated and  detail-oriented whose creativity boosts his strong work ethic enabling him to reach goals quickly and effectively.  His contribuitions are still used  at the present time.
In addiction to his excepcional  performance and technical skills,  he always  showed dedication to his work.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Aloisio Oliveira

Alexandre is a professional with the unique ability to perform his role always in the best way and helping his user/customers to have the best product, in addition, he is a person who has always left many friends(user, clients and coworkers) because he has an excellent interpersonal relationship and a unique character.

Leonardo Lacerda

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